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Recap last weeks - Squadra Triathlon Team

Recap last weeks

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It have been heavy weeks…

Finding a moment to begin with is difficult. But let’s go back to the first teamrace.

When you are a teammember of Squadra we want you to give yourself for the team, to grow as an athlete and person in the team. We want you to learn from each other, to put your selfishness aside and do everything you can for your teammates. When we talked about the race we only could blaim ourself. Ofcourse Rogelli Trimates were the best team, that is for sure. But we can learn from our own mistakes. One thing was clear for everyone. We won’t make the same mistakes again… . So,….growing as a team!

Let’s talk about our athletes:

Marco Van Der Stel:

He went on altitude camp in the Sierra Nevada with the national team. He is in great shape and one WTS all pieces will fall in place with a superb result as outcome.

3th place in the European mixed relaychamps in Weert

Last weekend he finished 30th in WTS in Leeds, with a never seen before line up of the best 7 athletes in the world.

Youri Keulen:

As a young athlete he has improved a lot, but still a lot to learn

World Cup huatulco 51st

Weert European champs: 45th

Tim Van Hemel and Lucas Van Deynze did some very nice racing offroad.

Tim came in third at the Belgium championships sprinttriathlon. This was won by Jonathan Wayaffe. Tom Van Capellen won the race for the U23 title.

Devi Van Wolthuizen became European champion in Weert in his age group.

Bart Cooijmans won the sprint distance in Weert last weekend.

So the winning vibe of last year starts to come back…


First  division race in weert:

We had some discussions and had to let some athletes out of the team. Losing this one was not an option…

We made a plan and analysis of the possible other teams. But our conclusion was easy. We just have to look at ourselves.

Plan the race and race the plan. So it went… 1st place overall.